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Created by Mov'emE.N.T. in Las Vegas, Nevada to display the determination, drive and hunger of independent artists that is no longer found in main-stream music. Our goal is to give these highly talented artists a broader marketing venue and make independent music
​The New Main-Stream.

The #MOVE Groves Are Back
WE Are Coming BACK BABY. A lot of things in the world of music has changed. A lot of new stations have come along trying to take our place. we've even been tried to be bought out. Wut they anit ready for is we comin'..... oh boy we coming-coming back. We comin' back with a few clear goals in mind. TO NEVER BE SOLD, ALWAYS TO BE BETTER THEN THE FOLLOWERS(easy LOL), AND TARE DOWN THE WALLS OF MAIN STEAM MUSIC AND PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS......IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE. And we can all tell the industry in ONE CLEAR VOCIE.......#MOVE
Today The REVOLUTION Returns!!! Today We Celebrate OUR INDEPENDENCE!!!

Mov'em Radio
"You Send'em We Mov'em"
Let's GO!!!

First off we are LIVE once again today from 5pm-7pm pacific stardard time....please make sure you come listen to the live show....Also we posted a short Outlandish Wednesday show yesterday...we are in need of more comedy from all you comedians out there...we are also looking to do interviews of all independent artists....Also check out the Teen Tuesday show from this week...Just follow all the the links right here on the website...Lots of EVENTS...go to the events page and check those out. Don't forget to sign the guestbook and come like us on facebook.....#MOVE

On The Air Live
Crazy here in the studio's going down.....make sure you check out our events page for all the hottest things to get into .....even the RATCHETS!!!!!....Mr Krim put me on blast....It's going down Live every week don't miss it and if you do just download it

Please don't forget to tune into our live broadcast today...we have a great show lined up today.....DON'T MISS OUT!!!! #MOVE

We hear at Mov'em radio want to apologize for the delay in posting this weeks Teen Tuesday Show as well as postponing the first post of Outlandish Wenesdays....we were ecperiencing technical difficulties.....Outlandish Wenesday will be posted tomorrow.

Interesting topic for this weeks show
Age appropriate music for teenagers, well this has been a arguement for a long time. Some would say they don't want their teenage kids to listen to everything...completely understandable...but at the same time everyone has been a teenager in their life and most of us came out to be pretty allright regardless of what we did or didn't listen to. Granted today's generation of teen can be much more vulgar in lyrics than what we listened to growing up...we must also understand that these are kids that need a positive path to do positive things and that these are just words and forms of self expression. Im sure on this weeks episode of Teen Tuesday's this topic will be revisited.

Tune into our live show right now and get involved in the topic of today's show..."what is age appropriate music for teens".

New Teen Tuesday's Show Uploaded
Please make sure you listen to the new show Teen Tuesday's Week 2 by hitting the link. Also make sure to head out to the Hookah Palace tonight to check out the MovemE.N.T hit the stage tonight with our very own host an CEO Knyne Tha Great....if you have an interesting blog topic please hit me up at tt.movemradio@gmail.....#MOVE!!!!!!

First we want to give our heartfelt apologies for not being able to broadcast our live show on this past Thursday. We will be back on air on this coming up Thursday.Everyday we are adding to and improoving the website here at Mov'em Radio so make sure you check out all the pages. We are always needing new independent artists mp3 tracks to be sent in for upcoming shows, especially teenage independent music...we need music. Also we are in need of sponsors and donations.please contact T.T. in regards to sponsors and and donations at

Shout out to all the artists whose tracks were spun yesterday and also a shout out to the featured artists of the week. Great job by our hosts yesterday KNYNE THA GREAT AND ELI UNO...yall did the damn thing...REMEMBER U SEND'EM WE MOV'EM....LET'S GO!!!!!!

Make sure to follow the tunes and talk link to go catch today's show live....!!!!

Quick note that we are going live tomorrow from 5pm-7pm pacific time....the long awaited return of Mov'em Radio is here....WE ARE BACK....banging only the hottest independent artists....So artists get your music in....MP3 tracks only....if after three shows you haven't heard your music on the show then you NEED TO STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!!! So make sure you tune in tomorrow ......U Send'em We Mov'em LET'S GO!!!!!

Quick note to the independent artist, if you want a spot on our featured artist of the week page you must contact us via email with a small biography of you,(check our featured artist page for example of a small biography), also send a picture and your mp3 tracks, there is a ten dollar donation to help support us supporting you.....please send all emails and tracks to The deadline to recieve this is Friday September 28, 2012. Thanks

Wanna give a shout out to SET for a great performance last night....also wanna give a big shout out to our CEO here at Mov'em Radio KNYNE THA GREAT for a great performance....also a shout out to the Mov'emE.N.T.'s Famos for a great performance last well as all the independent artists that came and performed and showed support....

We are currently looking for paying sponsors to fill commercial slots on our show as well as on our website. Get a commercial on all our show, logo on flyers and events for the month for $150 or 1min commercial @ $20 Per Spin
or donate
music spins for free
become a featured artist on the site for $10 donation, if interested please email or Thank you for your continuing support. Also show your support to Mov'emE.N.T by attending one of the many upcoming events we have listed on our events page. MOVEEEEEMENTTTT LET'S GO!!

The Mov'emE.N.T. @ Hip Hop Roots
First off let me introduce myself....I'm the newest addition to the Mov'emE.N.T. family, my name is Tonya but better known as T.T.... I want to give a big shout out to Mista Krimzon, Don Won from the Ville, Ill Ru Minati, and Djdopewitit for doing an outstanding job performing last night at Hip Hop Roots. Also wanna give a shout out to Sfive for giving us his support and promoting last nights show. Also a big shout out to Still Smoking Smoke Shop for all their continuing support of Mov'emE.N.T and Mov'Em Radio. If you haven't came down to Hip Hop Roots and experienced Hip Hop culture at its finest You need to get up and come down because you are missing out on a electrifying Hip Hop experience.
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